Zitra Investment loans: 2023 Review

Zitra investment features

Zitra Investment loans at a glance

Zitra investments have only been around since 2021, but in that time they have helped process more than ₦2.4 billion in credit facilities, raising an impressive ₦3.4 billion in funding while also generating over ₦485 million in revenue. This shows that even though they are relatively young, their ability to disburse funds to micro, small and medium enterprises is unquestionable.

Some of the advantages of Zitra investment loan packages are:

  • No collateral needed
  • Flexible repayment plans
  • Microloans dedicated to petty traders

The focused nature of the Zitra packages makes it very good for micro and medium-sized businesses looking for additional finances to grow. There are, however, drawbacks too. These include:

  • Terrible real-time support and customer service
  • Not very popular as it has only been around for roughly 2 years
  • Low ₦5,000,000 maximum limit

Do I qualify for a Zitra loan?

You qualify as long as you have a verifiable source of income; essentially you can access their loan facilities either as a salary earner or as a business owner.

Asides from this, you must have an acceptable credit history and no outstanding debts with other lending companies.

How to apply for a Zitra loan?

Visit and choose the kind of loan that fits your situation. You can select between Zitra Raiz (which is a payday loan) and Zitra Sharpaly (which is specifically aimed at helping small and medium-sized business owners create development for their businesses).

Whichever you choose, you will be asked to fill in your:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Email address

You will then be sent an email for confirmation. After this, you can proceed to choose your loan amount, and tenure. Additional information will be required at this point to confirm that you are who you say you are and that you are eligible to obtain the funding you need.

Upon verification of this information, you will receive your funds directly in your bank account after your loan has been approved and when you sign the required documents. The funds will be credited into your account within 24 hours from loan approval.

Zitra front page

How much can I borrow from Zitra?

The maximum amount that can be obtained is ₦5,000,000, there is no known minimum amount. The exact amount you can borrow depends on other factors such as your credit score and the quality of information you can provide.

Zitra Interest rate and loan tenure

The known loan tenure is between 3-12 months.

Other loan fees and penalties

There are no known loan fees or penalties.

Benefits of Zitra loan

Zitra loan stands out for providing credit facilities to petty traders. Businesses such as bread suppliers, small-time coke suppliers, and other micro, medium and small businesses might not receive loans for growth from traditional banks or other lenders. These packages also come collateral-free, and this reduces the mental burden petty traders need to carry knowing that they can pay back their loans without any properties being threatened.

The flexible repayment plan offered to petty traders also indirectly helps the traders to build good credit histories since they can pay back conveniently. This in turn boosts their chances of getting higher loans with other outfits such as traditional banks.

Zitra investment features

Where Zitra can still improve

Zitra can further optimise its credit application process by keeping it in one interface. To instantly apply for a loan, customers have to fill out a simple form that results in an email being sent.

This can represent an unnecessary obstacle for customers who want to go straight to the point and apply for financial assistance as the email sometimes is not sent or ends up in spam where less tech-savvy individuals might not be able to reach it. Since the customers are petty traders, it would stand to reason that they might not be all that tech-savvy. Creating an application process with this in mind will greatly improve operations.

Zitra Investments loan packages, although relatively new, are building a solid reputation as the go-to vendors for low-income retailers and petty traders who need loans to take up bigger responsibilities or opportunities that they themselves cannot finance. The ease of repayment and affordable interest rates also mean that these traders can conveniently pay back the loans while also keeping their profits to themselves for their own personal goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of Zitra Investments?

Babatunde Obadero is the CEO of Zitra Investments. He graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in Pharmacology in the year 2000. He spent the next 15 years involved in various financial organisations before starting up his own, Zitra Investments.

How do I contact Zitra Investments?

To get in touch for information or customer support call 017002801 or send an email to [email protected]. You can also make your enquiries through live chat by visiting the website at

What things can disqualify me from securing a Zitra Investment loan?

You might not be granted a loan if you have a bad credit score (this means that you may be owing money to other organisations or you have not been paying your bills/debts on time), your income is unstable or too low, and/or you cannot provide all the necessary information needed for a loan.

Do I need collateral to apply for a loan?

No. You do not need collateral to apply for a loan.

Is there a physical address I can visit to apply for a loan?

Yes. Visit at D59, Landbridge Avenue Oniru, Lekki Lagos.