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CRC Credit Bureau Nigeria


CRC Credit Bureau, authorized by the Central Bank of Nigeria, is a key institution in Nigeria’s financial landscape. It compiles comprehensive credit reports for individuals and businesses, including credit scores and detailed credit histories. CRC offers various services like credit monitoring, I-CON Plus for monthly credit overview, CONPlus for business credit exposure, DIVS for verifying cheques, and Credit Information reports for credit grantors. Other notable services include CRC Credit Prospecta for market expansion, skip tracing for locating delinquent customers, and Portfolio monitoring for assessing customer credit performance. While CRC offers unbiased reports and advanced technology for fraud detection, some users may find its subscription fees high and technology complex

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The CRC Credit Bureau Limited is an institution authorized by the Central Bank of Nigeria to maintain a consumer and corporate credit bureau in Nigeria.

A credit bureau is an organization that collects and collates credit information on individuals and businesses with the main purpose of creating credit reports and scores.

CRC Credit Bureau is a private limited liability company properly licensed under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and it is one of the three major credit bureaus in Nigeria.

You can apply for an instant CRC Credit Bureau Limited credit report through USSD if you are an MTN subscriber. Dial (*565*8#) to view your credit report on your mobile device. You can also directly apply for a credit report on the CRC Credit Bureau website.

Your credit score will be included in the report alongside other publicly available data that has been gathered by the bureau.

Services Offered

A major function of the CRC Credit Bureau Limited is the compilation of credit reports for individuals and businesses. This credit report contains detailed information on your credit history and, most importantly, your overall credit score.

CRC Credit Bureau also offers credit monitoring services. This ensures that the credit reports and scores are regularly updated and are accurate representations of the customer’s history at any particular point of inquiry.

CRC Credit Bureau provides:

    • CRC Credit reports and scores for Individual, Consumer, and corporate businesses

    • CRC Monitors and Alerts individuals

    • CRC I-CON Plus

    • CRC CONPlus

    • CRC DIVS

    • CRC Credit Information report

    • CRC Credit Prospecta and Skip Tracing

    • CRC Portfolio monitoring review

    • CRC Batch processing

    • CRC Returnex

CRC Credit reports and scores for Individual, Consumer, and corporate businesses

CRC Credit Bureau offers individuals, consumers, and corporate business access to their credit information report (CIR).

A credit information report contains all the publicly available information on an individual, consumer, or corporate business’ financial behaviours and outstanding debts. It includes:

    • Loans taken from all institutions

    • Loans service history

    • General status of credit to date

CRC Monitors and Alerts for individuals

The CRC monitors and alerts for individuals helps subscribers to know all the changes in their credit profiles with email alerts.

It helps individuals keep a firm hand on their credit repayment performance in the general economic structure.


I-CONplus stands for “Credit Overview Notification Plus”. This service helps individuals keep tabs on their monthly credit exposure through emails.

Subscribers can easily and cost-effectively monitor their credit profile to keep their credit history within the desired range.

An accurate and positive credit report can help individuals and businesses access better financing and postpaid products and services at better interest rates.


CONPlus stands for “Credit Overview Notification Plus”. This is a service that provides monthly email notifications to businesses and organizations concerning their overall credit exposure.

It is a cost-effective tool that helps subscribers monitor their credit exposure and activities easily, ensuring that there are no mishaps concerning credit history.


DIVS stands for “Dishonoured Instrument Verification System”. It is a time-saving service that enables organizations to quickly determine if a prospective customer deliberately submits a cheque that will bounce or not.

This instrument monitors the overall cheque issuance and management behaviour of customers and companies concerning unfounded bank accounts. It helps lenders to minimize the risk of taking cheques linked to accounts that have no money as post-payment for credit or goods and services.

A CRC DIVS report includes:

    • Demographic information of the cheque issuer

    • Bank details of the cheque issuer

    • Details of the cheque(s)

    • Reason and frequency of return

CRC Credit Information report

Credit Information report helps all credit grantors easily get credit information on prospective customers so that they can make informed decisions while providing credit services.

Banks, telecommunication companies, utility companies, and retailers can all be granted accurate credit information on customers, contractors, investors, and potential employees before any form of business is conducted as a form of due diligence.

The information report reveals a customer’s credit history, which automatically shows credit behaviour and repayment pattern, which enables subscribers to quickly make informed decisions on their credit-based products.

There are five different types of credit information reports, which include:

    • Nano Credit Information Report

    • Basic Credit Information Report

    • Classic Credit Information Report

    • Micro Credit Information Report

    • Compact Credit Information Report

Only the premium versions of the credit reports contain credit scores, dishonoured cheque history, and litigation details, amongst other detailed fields of data.

CRC Credit Prospecta and Skip Tracing

CRC Prospecta helps subscribers with market expansion by searching out individuals or businesses who present the best chances of impact concerning market penetration.

It is a service that uses demographic ( age, income, etc. for individuals ), psychographics (traits, attributes, etc.), and firmographics (age, income, etc. for organizations) metrics to increase revenue opportunities for subscribers.

Skip tracing is when customers who are delinquent change contact information. They may or may not have done this to avoid repaying, but the Credit Prospecta tool is equipped to locate them easily.

CRC Portfolio monitoring review

This service allows lenders and organizations that provide credit services to see the overall performance of prospective customers concerning credit services. It can be used to generate customer patterns and predict whether or not prospective customers will pay as and when due.

CRC Batch processing

This is a time-saving service that allows customers to process credit searches in groups. It allows member institutions who subscribe to CRC services to screen their customers in bulk whenever loan decisions are to be made.

CRC Returnex

This latest CRC initiative is designed to offer lenders the chance to use artificial intelligence to identify and keep faithful borrowers on a digital scale.

It allows lenders to know the borrowers that will repay on the agreed terms, take loans again, stop borrowing from them, move to other lenders or take periodic breaks from borrowing from them.

Pros of CRC Credit Bureau

The advantages of CRC Credit Bureau Limited are numerous, as subscribers are provided with cost-effective and time-saving solutions concerning providing credit to Nigerians. A few of the advantages are:

    • Comprehensive and unbiased credit reports and scores

    • Monitoring services that can help individuals and businesses detect and prevent fraud

    • The latest technology that identifies customer behaviour which allows subscribers to know what customers to focus on and even track delinquent customers

Cons of CRC Credit Bureau

There are some drawbacks that Nigerians may consider to be disadvantages of the CRC Credit Bureau. Some of these include:

    • Subscription fees which some Nigerians might consider too high

    • Advanced technology and metrics that some customers may not know how to fully utilize

    • Some customers may consider the results provided by the CRC Credit Bureau as underwhelming


The CRC Credit Bureau ltd is a credit bureau that provides credit reports, scores, and monitoring services to individuals and businesses in Nigeria.

It is one of the three major credit bureaus in Nigeria, and it has advantages and disadvantages that customers might want to consider before they engage in the company’s services.

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