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What is the general criteria to get a loan?

The criteria change often, as we add new lenders to our platform. However, some main criteria have always held:

1) You have to older than 20 years

2) Your employment should have lasted for more than 6 months, for business owners the 6 month requirement applies to business age

3) Your loan should not be more than 8 times larger than your monthly income

4) You cannot have a bad credit report

4) Your phone number must be connected to your BVN

What documents do lenders require?

This will depend on the loan offer that you get - some of the lenders require more documentation than others. Most of the lenders want to see some proof of income, proof of employment and ID. But you only need to present these when asked to do so! For self-employed, the lender will almost always also want to visit your business.

Can I get a loan with a bad credit report?

Unfortunately, a bad credit report will mean that no lenders will give you offers - and if they give offers they will later be forced to withdraw the offer. Sorry!

What happens if the information submitted is not true?

The lenders (banks) will double-check all your info at a later stage. Unfortunately, if any of the information submitted is untrue, your application will be rejected sooner or later. This is why the information on salary and existing loans needs to be correct.

The banks will perform a credit check with a credit bureau - if the outstanding loans turn out to be larger than you have said, the banks will automatically reject your application. The same will happen if you cannot prove your income/salary.