Page Financials Lender Review

Page Financials lender profile summary:

  • Loan Amount – N 100,000 to N 5,000,000
  • Loan Tenure – Up to 15 months
  • Interest Rate on Personal Loans – No fixed rate
  • Interest Rate on Remit Credit – 3.76% per month
  • Interest Rate on Group Loans – 3.75% per month
  • Loan Charges – No charges
  • Who can apply? – Salary earners in Lagos and Ibadan, Commercial bank employees across Nigeria, and corporate organizations.

About page Financials

Page is a financial services provider that is licensed by the CBN. They commenced operations in Lagos in 2014. They have since opened another branch in Ibadan and will soon be present in more states of the federation.

The company’s head office is at 23, Norman Williams Street, S/W Ikoyi, Lagos. If you are in Ikeja, you will find Page Financials at 29, Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos. The Ibadan office is at 67, Mokola – Dugbe Road.

Page Financials offers quick loans, investment options that earn up to 9.5% interest per annum, and zero-fee bill payment and money transfer services.

Loan products

Page Financials provides the following loan products:

  • Personal Loans: The personal loan scheme is for consumers who need a quick online loan to cater to urgent needs. You can access payday or emergency loans without providing collateral, guarantors, or dealing with tiring paperwork. Before applying for a personal loan, use the Page Loan Calculator to determine how much you have to repay for the amount you intend to borrow.
  • Remit Credit: Remit Credit is for companies that use Remita to pay staff salaries. Employees can get a quick loan of up to N 2.5 million with a repayment term of up to 12 months. The interest is a flat rate of 3.76% per month. There is no management fee.
  • Group Loan: Page Financials Group Loan is available to employees of interested companies. The maximum tenure is 15 months. The loan comes with an interest rate of 3.75% per month and a 0% management fee. The repayments are deducted monthly from the employee’s salary account.

Loan amount and requirements

The minimum amount you can borrow is N 200,000, and the maximum amount for new customers is N 5,000,000. The actual amount you can borrow depends on your verifiable income level and other details (as found in your application form) that determine your borrowing capacity.

To qualify for a loan, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Earn a minimum monthly salary of N 100,000.
  • Live/work in Lagos or Ibadan. However, bankers in all 36 states can apply.
  • Have a valid means of identification (such as a National ID card, permanent voter’s card, or international passport).
  • Provide a 6-month salary account statement.
  • Have evidence of employment, such as work ID, employment letter, or promotion letter.
  • Provide a passport photograph.

Note that your application is subject to a credit check before it gets approved and disbursed.

Loan repayments

Repayments are made every month on the day you receive your salary.

Who can get a loan at Page Financials?

Page Financials loans are available to:

  • Salary earners who live in Lagos or Ibadan (These are the states where the lender operates).
  • Commercial bank employees across Nigeria.
  • Corporate organizations.

How to apply

Visit and head to the Quick Loans section. Provide all the required details and documents to enable the lender to decide on granting your loan request. You get your approval status via email. They’ll show the amount you can borrow, as well as your monthly repayment details. Accept the offer by replying to the email. All these processes do not take long, and you can get your loan in no more than 3 hours.

Why Page Financials?

Why should you consider getting a loan from Page? The answer is simple:

  • Speedy loan processing time. You can get your loan within 3 hours.
  • You don’t need collateral to apply.
  • You don’t need guarantors.
  • There are no management fees.
  • You get to enjoy cashless transactions on their automated platforms.

Page strives for absolute customer satisfaction. Their loan scheme is precise, simple, and designed to meet your personal needs. The company works with a strong team of professionals who possess many years of experience in financial service solutions. Page Financials base their core principles on value creation, empathy, integrity, innovation, mutual respect, and cooperation.

To compare loan offers from different online lenders, visit today. Indicate your preferred loan amount and tenure, and we do the rest for you. We reach out to the best lenders and have them contact you with their offers. You can then choose the one that suits your needs. This service comes with no obligations and no hidden cost.