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Find The Best 350000 Naira Loans in Nigeria

A 350000 Naira loan can be a lifesaver for both good and bad surprises. Both surprises normally require cash, sometimes more money and sometimes less. With Credit Nigeria, you can apply for loans of 350000 Naira or more in order to finance your needs. Our partner lending institutions allow you to select the best repayment plan.
Find 350000 Naira loan offers in Nigeria
1. Fill in the loan application
The application form takes only a few minutes to fill in. After this, your application is sent to multiple lenders on your behalf.
2. Receive loan offers
Our partner lenders will be in touch with you directly with loan offers.
3. Get the money
If you choose to accept an offer, you will receive the money from the lender shortly after.

Applying for a 350000 Naira loan in Nigeria

Our comparison prides itself in being both easy and transparent. Our loan application is simple and will get you offers from banks and lenders for as much as 350000 Naira. As we are a neutral party to any transaction, we will show you the best offers so that you can compare the loans with each other. We make sure that you are contacted by lenders if a loan is possible for you.

A 350000 Naira loan can come in handy for many reasons – among the most popular are rent loanscar loans and school fee loans  It’s always a good idea to tell the bank what you intend to do with the money – it makes the bank understand you better as a customer.

Think about these things before taking an unsecured loan

  • Unsecured loans, or actually all loans, should not be taken without a clear need for the money. This is important both for small and large loans. Loans work best when they are used for other things than immediate consumption.
  • Remember that the loan will have to be repaid with interest and other costs, so make sure the total repayment rate is within your budget.
  • Your financial profile will matter for the banks and lenders that approve your loan. Make sure your credit history is good and stays good so that you can access cheap loans in the future.
  • You should only take a loan from a trusted lender that follows Nigerian moneylending laws. 

Quick ₦ 350,000 cash loans in Nigeria

Most of us know it is wise to save money. In practice, it is however often hard to save money for unforeseen expenses. Expenses can arise without any time to plan for them. In these situations, it is good to know that there are options available in the form of loans.

Sometimes good opportunities can arise, that need quick-acting. Without money, some of these opportunities may pass by. According to several studies, people regret things they did not do more than they regret things they tried unsuccessfully. When a good opportunity arises, it’s good to be able to act even if you don’t currently have enough cash at hand.

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